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The Ultimate GA15 Mod Kit – Classic Version

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May 10th, 2020 – Check out the brand new Legendary 18 Watt GA15 mod kit” and turn your GA15 into a GA18, after a famous British example!

“I had one of Swedens best modders help me as it was quite some job for an unskilled like me. The amp sounds Cosmicly nice. It really opened up after the mod. Mod 7 was newer made” – M.R.

To bring out the full potential of the little Harley Benton® GA15 guitar amplifier, we’ve gone to great lengths to improve its mediocre design from the ground up. The mods in this kit (click here for the full story) convert the GA15 from a dull 50% solid-state amp, with 2 TL072 ICs in the preamp, into a pure tube amp, with a warm sound and great playing dynamics. Hum is greatly reduced. With a suitable extension speaker your Harley Benton® easily gets enough power to play in a rock band!
This is a carefully selected set of electronic parts. It comes with an elaborate 27-page instruction manual (scroll further down). A full-colour print-out of the manual, convenient on the workbench, is optional. Other options are high quality tone capacitors (Mallory 150s and Silver Mica type) and/or a presence mod.
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Disclaimer: We strongly recommend you to have a qualified amp technician modify your amp if you have not been trained to work with high voltages. A tube amplifier chassis contains lethal high voltages even when unplugged – sometimes over 500 volts DC! Cosmic Ampworks  assumes or undertakes NO LIABILITY for any damage suffered as a result of the use, misuse or reliance on the information and content in this manual. The modifications described in this manual do not necessarily comply with any electronic safety standards.
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Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Printed 27-page full-colour manual?

Send manual by email, Printed full-color manual included

High quality tone capacitors?

Regular (ceramic) caps, Mallory 150 & Silver-Mica Caps

Include Presence Mod?

No Presence Mod, Include Presence Mod