Atlas 15″ hand-crafted speaker cabinet (only available in the Netherlands)
Vintage narrow-panel looks characterize the “Atlas” cabinet. It is built from glued solid pine wood, protected by three layers of transparent lacquer. The heavy particleboard baffle is clad in "oxblood" grill cloth. The cabinet has an open back. Its partial back panels are screwed in and hence easily removable, for swapping speakers. Chrome/nickel plated corner protectors, metal amp glides/legs, a leatherette carrying handle and switchcraft speaker jack complete the design. The cabinet is optionally equipped with a a 15-inch Eminence Legend 1518 speaker, but can also be supplied without. A recipe for huge tweed tone!
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Echolette Showstar S40 – Amplifier Head 50W (1963)

The BMW among guitar amps This unique 50 Watt amplifier head, powered by two EL34 tubes, bears a lot of similarity with the famous Marshall ‘plexi’ amps… except that it was conceived even earlier! Check out the schematic here. Distinguishing … Continued

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Lunar 5E3 – Handwired Tube Amplifier Head

All tube, hand-wired amplifier head, 15 Watt. Inspired by the likes of Neil Young, The Edge and Kenny Burrell, Cosmic Amp Works® introduces a fully hand-wired tube amp based on a legendary 15 Watt example. No printed circuit board, no … Continued

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New! The Ultimate GA15 Mod Kit – Legendary 18 Watt Version
This brand new kit, a further development from our classic GA15 mod kit, will convert your Harley Benton® GA15 into that legendary British 18 Watt amp from the 1960s!
The only differences with its 1960s examples are solid state rectification, resulting in a a bit more power, and the absence of a tremolo circuit.
The kit further features added presence and negative feedback controls. The presence control can be effectively eliminated from the circuit by setting the negative feedback to zero, however.
Pretty amazing, if we dare to say so, considering the bargain-bin prices of a GA15 and this kit, versus the price of a reissue! If the mods are performed well, the GA15s annoying hum is eliminated too. Finally, we fixed some minor issues with previous versions of the kit, such as potmeter knobs that didn't always fit the shafts of the potmeters.
This is a carefully selected set of electronic parts, high quality tone capacitors (Mallory 150s and Silver Mica type) included. It comes with an elaborate instruction manual with plenty of photographs. To view it, you might want to scroll a bit further down. By default, the 18 Watt instruction manual will be sent to you by email. A full-colour print-out is optional, against some extra cost.
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The Ultimate GA15 Mod Kit – Classic Version

May 10th, 2020 - Check out the brand new "Legendary 18 Watt GA15 mod kit" and turn your GA15 into a GA18, after a famous British example!

"I had one of Swedens best modders help me as it was quite some job for an unskilled like me. The amp sounds Cosmicly nice. It really opened up after the mod. Mod 7 was newer made" - M.R.

To bring out the full potential of the little Harley Benton® GA15 guitar amplifier, we've gone to great lengths to improve its mediocre design from the ground up. The mods in this kit (click here for the full story) convert the GA15 from a dull 50% solid-state amp, with 2 TL072 ICs in the preamp, into a pure tube amp, with a warm sound and great playing dynamics. Hum is greatly reduced. With a suitable extension speaker your Harley Benton® easily gets enough power to play in a rock band!
This is a carefully selected set of electronic parts. It comes with an elaborate 27-page instruction manual (scroll further down). A full-colour print-out of the manual, convenient on the workbench, is optional. Other options are high quality tone capacitors (Mallory 150s and Silver Mica type) and/or a presence mod.
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