An aspiration to inspire

Cosmic Amp Works® in Wageningen, The Netherlands designs and builds handwired guitar amplifiers based on vintage electrontube circuitry. Purely analog! Our amps let the guitar’s true character ring through and inspire players with the added warmth, magic and directness of electrons flying through a vacuum… cosmic stuff! A mediocre guitar plugged into a great tubeamp simply sounds so much better than a great guitar plugged into a mediocre amp.
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Cosmic Ampworks wishes everyone a Happy and very Musical New Year!

September 1st, 2019 – Web Shop added to

Cosmic Ampworks® products have so far been available on request only, via third-party auction sites. As of September 1st, 2019, our products will be continuously available through our own web shop on
First product in the brand new web shop is the Ultimate GA15 Mod Kit, a set of carefully selected electronic components that comes with an elaborate instruction manual, enabling you to drastically improve your Harley Benton GA15 budget amplifier.
Other products will soon be added, so check back regularly!