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Thanks a lot for stopping by this page in the first place! We hope you had lots of fun working on your GA15! Even if that was not the case 🙁 we would really encourage you to complete the survey below. It’s comprised of only 10 multiple choice questions, so it will take you less than 5 minutes. We’ll use your feedback to improve the experience for future buyers. Optionally upload some pictures or demo clips of your project too. Much appreciated!
Sander de Vries, Cosmic Ampworks



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    1. Which options did you select when you bought your GA15 Ultimate Mod Kit?
    Printed 27-page full-colour manual
    High quality tone capacitors
    Presence mod (presence and NFB controls on the back of the amp)

    2. How would you rate the difficulty of the mods?
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    3. Were you able to complete the mods as described in the manual?
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    4. Did you notice an improvement after modifying your Harley Benton GA15?
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    5. Were all materials (wire, etc.) present in sufficient quantities?
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    6. Was the manual easy to understand?
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